On this page you will find links to short demos of my work.  I'm an active member of the Articulate Community so you will see also a few examples I've submitted for the weekly challenges. Enjoy!


Learning Journals are a great way to make learners stay focused and engaged during a course. This example features text entry fields to capture learners' thoughts. Using Java Script in Storyline I've made available the option to print the notes taken during the training in these learning journals.

Gamified example - Procrastination Monsters

I'm a big fun of bringing gamification in my eLearning projects so when I was asked by one of my clients to create a course on Time Management Skills I knew it is the perfect moment to create the game below. Authoring tool is Articulate Storyline but I've used a lot of other resources for choosing colors and illustrations (see my toolkit here).

This is a great way to teach learners about procrastination as well as create a fun and engaging learning experience. 

Learning Journals
Interactive eLearning example 

An example of converting static content into an interactive and informative session.  

SAP Software Simulation eLearning

This is an example of software simulation course. I've used single screens with linked hotspots and various help instructions. The learners have to click on the right areas or enter text as they would with the real software. It's engaging, productive and fun!

Folder Tabs Interaction 

Articulate's E-Learning Heroes Challenge # 139 is to give a fresh makeover to some interactive templates. I chose to work with the folder tabs template and below you can see the before and after demonstration. 

Slide Transitions Example - ADDIE Model 

Challenge #140 on E-Learning Heores community is focused on presenting the ADDIE Model. The five phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools.

Triggered Motion Paths - Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction

Motion paths add so much to projects when they are used effectively. Motion paths allow you to move an object on-screen in a variety of different ways. They are completely customizable and add a sense of interactivity to your projects.

The below demonstration was created with Articulate Storyline 2 and it was published on Elearning Heroes Community for Challenge #142. Read here my full article about this project.

Triggers and States - Bloom's Taxonomy Mind Map

This is a great example of using triggers and  object states to present processes and mind maps. This short demo  was posted on the E-learning heroes community (Challenge #141) and you can read an article about it here

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