4 Tips To Get Your Participants Motivated About Training

February 9, 2016

If you are a Learning Professional you might have heard from some of your participants the expression “oh no, today is the training day? I have so much work to do, can I be rescheduled for another class?” J

From my experience as a Trainer, I recommend you these 4 tips to motivate your participants in the next training class:


1. Build on employees’ motivation before they join the class

Motivating employees about training programs before the programs begin is an essential part of successful training.

What happens with unmotivated employees? They may not process training materials well, and will leave training sessions with little knowledge or enthusiasm.

So here is something you could do: Be enthusiastic, promote the trainings in your meetings and ask Management to prioritize learning. Job duties never end, but there is not better day than today to learn something new.


2. Give them a “voice”

Now I know this sounds obvious but let me explain you a bit more. At the beginning of each training class, the facilitator or the trainer would usually present the learning objectives of the course.  Most probably this involves a PowerPoint slide with a few bullet points. The trainer explains and then passes this section in not more that 5-10 minutes.

What I encourage you to do is to give a voice to your class. Ask them what are they interested to learn about, based on the topics of the day. Answering the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) question is a key driver in learners becoming more focused and motivated.


3. Quizzes and Challenges

Quiz employees after the training to determine how much attention they paid but let them know in advance that there will be a quiz and a reward for the winner. This will motivate them to be more attentive in the class.

Use challenges. These could be case studies, individual or group projects, anything that would make employees interact with eachother and engage in learning.

When something becomes a game, with some depth to it, with goals, rewards and challenges, it instantly raises the interest of participants that motivate them.


4. Be creative, be fun

Employees are tired of joining the same type of classroom training. When there is no curiosity and they always know what to expect, they will always say “I can join another time”.

If you are delivering classes to the same teams, try to be creative and do a few changes from a session to another. For example, you can arrange the seats in the classroom in different style, or you could make a habit of giving them rewards anytime they do great in the training. People like rewards, no exception! You will be surprised to see how a 1 penny candy can stimulate the competition in the class and can motivate to learn.

Be a fun trainer, this is a good thing in our profession. Don’t forget that the energy you bring in the class, will influence the overall atmosphere during the day. And be flexible, tailor the training to the preference of the group- same material, different style.

That being said, add these 4 tips to your next training plan and let us know how it worked!

If you watched this video and have other tips from your own experience, feel free to write them down in the comments section.

Thank you for watching this video. Enjoy learning!



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© Liliana Cotoara 2016

Instructional Designer in Vancouver