How I learned Articulate Storyline

June 10, 2016


ELearning is one of those trends from the Learning Industry that keeps acquiring market and there are already so many eLearning tools out there, that it’s even hard to decide where to start from.


I chose to start with Articulate Storyline because it looked like a fun and pretty easy to use software. It has good reputation on the market and seems to be appreciated by most of eLearning designers. I can’t say it was easy to learn it but I can definitely say it was worth it.


From my experience as a new user, I can recommend you do the following if you want to try out Storyline:


1. Get a free trial of Storyline 2.

One month should be enough for you to have at least an idea if you like it or not. You can download it from here.


2.  Learn from Articulate Tutorials

There are a lot of Storyline tutorials available for free, especially on Youtube. They present the same information, in a different way and instead of helping me, they got me confused. I ended up spending my time watching too many videos on the same topic, and spending too little time on practicing it.


Articulate Tutorials worked the best for me and I highly recommend them. They are professionally made, easy to understand and are available here. What is also great is that for some tutorials, you can download practice files to follow along (example here)


3.  Start with an easy project

My first project in Storyline was building my Resume. I will be honest with you, it took me 1 month to finish it and it was still not perfect. But I got to incorporate a lot of the techniques I learned from the tutorials and then I also used it as part of my portfolio. 


4.  Join the Articulate Community


It doesn’t matter if you are new to Storyline or a veteran, this is the place where you have to be! Create a free account and get support from people that are also learning this fascinating tool. For any question you might have, there is always at least a person that responds within 24h.

Take eLearning challenges and get inspired from other people’s ideas. You can find a full list of challenges here.


5.  Last but not least, put you networking skills in action


You need to surround yourself with people that inspire and that help you stay motivated. Storyline it’s one tool of eLearning but there are so many out there that you will learn in the future. Start joining events, be active in specialized communities etc. Depending on your location you will know what works best for you.


Good luck in your new eLearning journey! Ready….set…GOOOO! :)



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© Liliana Cotoara 2016

Instructional Designer in Vancouver