Checklist Interaction in E-Learning

October 14, 2016

There must be a reason why people use everyday checklists. Checklist for shopping, checklist for work tasks, checklist for travel, checklist, checklist, checklist....The truth is, this little tool can really help you organize your time and activities.


In e-learning, checklist interactions help learners to:

  • walk through a process, workflow or procedure

  • provide instructions or reminders

  • identify do's and don'ts or generate a to-do list

  • show and track course progress

This week's challenge from the Articulate Storyline Community was to prepare a short demo of checklist interaction and demonstrate how it can be used in e-learning.


I took this opportunity and created a "Wardrobe Shopping Checklist". It contains 12 rules one need to follow in order to have a sustainable and ethical wardrobe. This idea came to me after I read a very interesting article on this topic (indigobazar). 


Click on the image below to see the demo.




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