My year in review 2016

December 31, 2016


Today is the last day of the year and even though part of me feels nostalgic, another part feels accomplished and proud….it’s been a wonderful year. Most important of all, it has been our (mine and my husband’s) first year living in Canada (did I hear “many more to come?” ).


With every year that passes my life enriches with new memories. Today I felt like sharing with you bits of these memories, so find below Lili’s top accomplishments in 2016 (random order):


I released my website


Many people ask me who helped me create my website and I am sooo excited to tell them “It was me!”. I’ve been dreaming about having a blog for a long time but it never was the right time. Well, 2016, you made my dream come true. Still a lot of work that needs to be done to make it perfect, but hey, it is a wonderful start!


I participated for the first time in ELH challenges


ELH, or E-learning Heroes Community has been my greatest support in designing courses this year. They have weekly challenges and instructional designers from all over the world participate. It’s a great way to learn from other people, share your work and receive valuable feedback. Happy to have participated in 10 of their challenges so far. Looking forward to many more in 2017!


I received a Service First Award


I felt proud to see my work being officially recognized by my client. I wrote about this award and the experience around it here.


I launched a Personal Development Program called Back to School


In my profession I design a variety of courses, from software, compliance, finance to soft skills like Conflict Management, Communication Skills and so on. People that I’ve worked with know that I have a first and true “love” which is designing soft skills courses. Coming from this, the Back to School Program, my baby brain idea, was an initiative to help employees develop their personal skills and provide them with a month full of workshops, webinars and presentations on a variety of subjects. It is a project that makes me really proud!


I traveled to…   


 … Romania – my beautiful home country where I grew up, I studied, worked, got married, and most important, the place where all my family gathers together.

… Los Angeles and Las Vegas – I’ve been to LA twice this year, part of the reason is that my sister and her husband live there. The beaches, the ocean, the sun….did I say enough? And Las Vegas, couldn’t get enough of it, it was this year’s birthday gift for me.


Enough with 2016, 2017 is knocking at the door! Have a happy holiday everyone, see you in the new year!



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© Liliana Cotoara 2016

Instructional Designer in Vancouver