7 Free Courses I Plan To Take in 2017

February 3, 2017


I hope that after reading this article, you will get inspired and motivated to start planning for yourself some new learning objectives.

There are so many things I want to do this year (and I am sure your list is pretty big too). I feel like if I don’t plan ahead, I might get distracted by other priorities and I will hardly find time to read a book or watch a tutorial. If you feel with me, you must take one hour from your time today and brainstorm what you want to learn this year (or in the upcoming period).


Do you want to take this challenge?


Here is my list of free courses that I plan to take in 2017:


 1.      Foundations of Typography: Color, Contract and Scale @ Lynda.com

In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to just place text on a screen. Fonts, colors, sizes add meaning and create the overall visual language. So this is one topic I would like to dig deeper into. If you are interested to learn about the history of typography, here is a 5 min video I can recommend that greatly explains it.


2.      Universal Principles of Design @ Lynda.com

Am I a naturally talented designer? Maybe some people would agree with that but I honestly think that I have a tiny piece of talent and the rest is just hard work and passion. I hope to find some interesting examples in this course that will inspire me in my next projects.


3.      Storytelling for Designers @ Lynda.com

I want to learn more about creating stories for e-learning. I remember from when I used to facilitate classroom sessions that participants were fascinated when we were reading stories and playing roles. It takes creativity and hard work to bring real life scenarios to the online environment. Can't wait to take this course!


4.      Design Thinking for Innovation @ Coursera

I want to create better experiences for my learners and I want to find the best solutions to increase learning. Design thinking is not only about a problem solving process or some tools, it is about people: “you as a design thinker and about the people you want to create value for and with.”


5.      Before & After: Graphic Design Techniques @ Lynda.com

In this course, John McWade (Publisher and Creative Director of Before and After Magazine) gives some great tips around design, type, image and layout, plus logo design.


6.      Illustrator Essential Training @ Lynda.com

I want to start using this software in 2017 for creating/editing graphics.


7.      Design Aesthetics for the Web @ Lynda.com

How do you use colors to set the site’s or training’s mood? How do you achieve proportion? Which techniques should you use to set areas of interest? I am looking forward to giving a new face to my blog in 2017 so I hope to get some inspiration from this course. 


What courses will you take this year?





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